Special Populations' Student Health Concerns Committee




Lyssa Barth

Education: Bachelors of Social Work, Bachelors of Art in Global Studies, University of Illinois Springfield
Current Studies: Masters in Social Work with concentration in Mental Health
Responsibilities: Greek Outreach, LGBT Outreach, Special Populations Housing Outreach, Graduate Housing Outreach

I joined Special Populations because I greatly enjoy working with different cultures and perspectives.

 Ucheoma Catherine Nwaozuru

Education: Bachelors of Science in Chemistry, Southwest Minnesota State University
Current Studies: Masters of Public Health
Responsibilities: Data Collection/Data Analysis, Website/Technology Management, Intern/Volunteer/Student Leader Management

I joined Special Populations as a Graduate Assistant because the mission and objectives of the group aligns with most of my personal goals. I am interested in increasing health awareness amongst individuals which is one of the goals of Special Populations. In addition, Special Populations provides me with the opportunity to improve on my leadership and team-building skills. These would of great value in my personal and professional life. Also, I am passionate about diversity and Special Populations provides an avenue to work and interact with diverse individuals.

 Michelle Taddeo

Education: Bachelors of Science in Community Health with concentrations in Health Administration and Health Education, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Current Studies: Masters of Public Health
Responsibilities: Health Resource Center, Satellite Sites, Special Populations Finances/Funding, Undergraduate Housing Outreach

I joined Special Populations to be more involved with providing high quality health education on campus. I really enjoy working with the diverse students on this campus by being able to help answer some of their questions and show them the importance of educating themselves regarding health topics.

 Akila Prasad

Education: Bachelors of Science in Speech and Hearing Science with Spanish minor, University of Arizona
Current Studies: Ph.D.in Audiology
Responsibilities: Cultural House Outreach, Women's Center Outreach, LGBT Outreach, ARC Wellness Center Collaborations, Local School Outreach, Alumni Association

I joined Special Populations because a majority of what Special Populations aims to do with student organizations on and off campus resonated with the interests that I has when I started Graduate school. As a future health care professional, I hoped to encourage students to get involved in areas they might be passionate about and wanted to be able to work with various populations and help educate them on a variety of topics ranging from health care to stress management and beyond. I also wanted to contribute to helping the spread of healthcare awareness.

Kelsie Kelly

Current Studies: 3rd year Community Health PhD Candidate Department of Kinesiology and Community Health Responsibilities: Lead GA responsible for assistance and collaboration with university members, the community, student workers, volunteers interns and other GAs for health promotion and wellness programming. Specific programs within graduate and family housing, BNAACC, the local community and academic units.




Carmen VonPatterson

Junior, Advertising
Carmen joined Special Populations as a way to continue being involved in the community. Back home, she volunteered with the Aurora African American Health Fair for 5 consecutive years and is excited to continue working to promote awareness of health issues & plant seeds to spread health education.


Lizbeth Roman

Senior, Education/Spanish                                                                                                                                          I joined Special Populations because I am excited to help educate diverse populations!


Dominic Gentile

Junior, MCB                                                                                                                                                                 I joined Special Populations because I am interested in public health and it gave me an oppurtunity to become a leader


Emilie Stojak

Senior, Nursing
I joined Special Populations to meet new people and to get involved in the community doing meaningful work amongst my peers in order to gain experience in health education.

Student Worker

Ellie Fujimoto

Junior, MCB/Human Nutrition/Philosophy
I joined Special Populations because I wanted to directly impact our community. I love seeing our hard work pay off in the form of health-related events around campus.  


Student Worker

Waleed Aldadah

Sophomore, MCB
I joined Special Populations because the first step to a healthy campus is to ensure the health of the students. Therefore, I wanted to help inform and educate the student body of the common illnesses and diseases that one could receive at the University of Illinois along with the medical disparities and complications. Special Populations does just that and more, and I am proud to be a member!



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