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Special Populations Alumni Association

The McKinley Health Center?s Special Populations Alumni Association at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (MHC SPAA-U of I) consists of the past and the present committee members and volunteers that were affiliated with the Special Populations Health Education Program at McKinley Health Center.  Our mission is to advocate for, promote, and support the professional careers of our current and future members, and to be a strong ally of the McKinley Health Center organization and the U of I.  The mission is the reflection of our associations values, which drive and direct our work.  

 :: Goals 

  • Continue to represent and embrace the diverse backgrounds and cultures of our members.
  • Establish a non-profit and non-political organization.
  • Encourage and maintain a family environment and support system among our members.
  • Promote the Alumni Association and uphold the international reputation and credibility of the university through a long-standing relationship with McKinley Health Center and the U of I 
  • Contribute meaningfully towards the development of the association and the U of I as we deem fit and appropriate
:: Officials


               Arif Ahmed, PhD                           


               Chariya Christmon, MD


               Raphael Onyeghala, PhD

         Financial Secretary

               Mandy Kalins, MSW

         Public Relations

               Christina Khan, MD

               Lenore Smith, MSW 

               Claudia Casteel, MSW                  

         Publicity Secretary

               Anjali Rao, MD

               Nallely Galván, PhD

               Shelly Abraham, BS/Consultant

         Special Task Force 

               Kendra Frazier, MD

               Anita Bordoloi, MD

               Mia Layne, MD

               Mandy Kalins, MSW

               Claudia Casteel, MSW


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