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Special Populations' Student Health Concerns Committee is a student volunteer group that works under the Health Education Unit at the McKinley Health Center. The mission of SPSHCC is to increase health awareness, improve health status, and promote changes in behavior that will lead to a healthier lifestyle among the U of I student population and the general public. This organization provides students with opportunities to improve their personal/professional skills in team-building, public relations, fundraising, leadership roles, program planning, implementation, and evaluation.   

 :: Goals & Objectives

  • To promote dialogue on cross-cultural health issues.
  • To design and implement interactive programs that facilitate health awareness to the U of I student community.
  • To provide translated health education materials in several languages to our target populations (20 health topics currently available in 8 different languages).
  • To conduct surveys and provide data/statistics on specific health issues for the U of I students and the general public.
  • To provide illness prevention/health promotion programs through the Office of Student Affairs, ethnically diverse groups, clubs, and organizations, and select academic units.
  • To provide valuable health information and related literatures by providing links to national, regional, local and Big 10 health centers.
  • To maintain the Multicultural Health Clearinghouse website detailing health information for special populations.
  • To engage in activities that will encourage student involvement in health outreach programs.
  • To work with local health/social agencies and also provide desired services to underserved, underinsured, and underrepresented community members.


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